Remote GraphQL Training and Workshops for Individuals and Teams

Save valuable time and resources by ditching the hassle of upskilling new engineers on GraphQL. Instead, join our relaxed and personalized one-on-one training sessions for individuals and entire departments.

Intro to GraphQL

Discover the fundamental building blocks of GraphQL by learning every day essentials.

$99one hour

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  • Queries & Mutations
  • Union Types
  • Fragments
  • Variables
  • GraphiQL

Full Stack Training

One to One

Learn how to build and consume your own GraphQL API with TypeScript.

$299one day

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  • Intro to GraphQL (free recording)
  • GraphQL Servers
  • GraphQL Clients
  • DataLoader
  • Authn / Authz
  • Deployment

For Teams

Unlock your team's potential and go beyond the basics with five days of hands-on training.

$999per person

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  • Everything from "Full Stack"
  • Schema Design
  • Schema Stitching
  • Error Handling
  • Federation
  • Codegen