Working with GraphiQL 2

Learn how to perform GraphQL operations, variables, headers, view documentation, merge fragments, and more with GraphiQL 2.

For many years GraphiQL and GraphQL Playground have been stale. It's been somewhat confusing for those adopting GraphQL for the first time. A lot of developers seen the great DX GraphQL Playground brought, but it was announced the project would be merged into GraphiQL a few years ago.

That's all changed now GraphiQL 2 released. There's now a new, nicer looking GraphiQL packed with features, and modularity that will enable users of GraphQL, and developers of platforms using GraphQL to easily implement into their existing platforms.

It's worth noting that GraphiQL 2 isn't done yet, but the roadmap should give you an idea of where things are headed.

You can continue to use GraphiQL how you were before with unpkg, jsdelivr etc. But there are some important changes you should be aware of if you've been using the React "components".

Jamie Barton

Published on 29 Aug 2022 by Jamie Barton